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Giving Life to Learning

The founders of Awaken Genius (AG) are education professionals with vast knowledge and experience of the educational system, with insight into why some pupils are unable to thrive within the mainstream school environment.

As a result of extensive observation in mainstream school settings as well as researching education in various global communities, we are able to provide a much needed service for pupils and their parents. 

Are Pupils "Excluded" From Learning?

When pupils struggle to learn the way mainstream schools expect them to, many are labelled as "difficult", "challenging", or even "unintelligent" - especially when expressing their frustration.

Pupils may present as distracted, disruptive, defiant, disaffected, etc., due to their needs not being met in the mainstream classroom.


In addition, vulnerable children may not be able to see a future in education and would therefore be unmotivated with regards to learning. Consequently, they may seek a sense of belonging elsewhere; for example in gang culture and knife crime. This is one of the major causes of school exclusions.

It can also affect their self esteem which could result in, among other consequences: bullying, anger management or anxiety issues.

We offer a fun, alternative educational setting for pupils with mixed abilities, who may learn in different ways. Our focus subjects are Maths and English, taught in a collaborative, learning classroom community, in order to improve attainment through creativity.

By weaving in the creative arts; for example: music, drama, dance, and more; we use various aides to incorporate Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinaesthetic learning, alongside aspects of traditional, mainstream schooling methods, in order to stimulate various learning mechanisms for the individual pupil.  

AG aims to reduce exclusion in mainstream schools as well as address emotional and anger management issues affecting pupils' progress, development and attainment. We achieve this by making learning engaging and meaningful; we also focus on pupils' well-being, in order to empower, nurture and inspire them to realise their potential and become life-long learners.


Students feedback to Awaken Genius Programme 

Age 12

Rico Williams & Leon Bailey 

How has AG helped you in taking actions towards your academic work?

Age 11

James Cole & Sam Jones 

How has AG helped you to understand yourself more?

Age 12

Yousef Ali & Liam Edwards 

Would you recommend AG to your friends and why?

Below, is a list of our creative and collaborative classroom community roles in developing children and its benefits:

Learn With Fun

 There is a creator in all of us! Creative and collaborative classroom communities provide an opportunity for pupils to learn, whilst having fun and to take creative risks. Our teaching activities, such as storytelling and drama enables pupils to learn without the pressure of learning. Children are naturally fun loving, therefore including creative activities alongside Maths and English, increases their appetite for learning. Fun filled, peer collaborative activities will be an ongoing feature throughout our AG journey; also, creative thinking and reflecting in groups as well as supporting pupils to learn about accepting others’ ideas.

Improves Focus and Attention:

The average attention or concentration of a child is just a few minutes.  Mainstream school teaching methods may cause pupils to lose their focus midway; hence, including creative and collaborative teaching strategies are sure to improve pupils focus and attention - consequently, study time would be more productive. Incorporating collaborative, memory activities as well a more flexible and fluid classroom environment will greatly improve pupils' attention span.

Freedom of Expression:

Unlike mainstream education, our creative classrooms provide pupils with the opportunity to express themselves; whether during classroom discussions or field trips, pupils are able to voice their inner thoughts; allowing them to participate in their learning, without fear of being shut down. This freedom of expression, gives pupils a sense of goodness and happiness. Contributing in their learning journey, also gives pupils a sense of satisfaction. A creative and collaborative approach to learning makes pupils more open to take new learning risks that come their way and also gives them a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

Emotional Development:

 We are all inherently creative. Creative expression is important for a child's emotional development. Most importantly, it needs to happen during their primary school years so that they can mature by responding well to the happenings around them. Creativity gives children that freedom to explore their surroundings as well as to learn new things from them. Pupils long for a classroom setting that helps them to explore freely without boundaries. When encouraged to express their emotions creatively and appropriately in their classrooms, their levels of confidence  levels will also increase.


Thinking Capability: 

Creativity can stimulate imaginative thinking capability in pupils. Hence, we promote activities such as open-ended questions, creative and collaborative community, bonding activities, brainstorming and reflection as part of the framework. As a result, this enables pupils to learn with fun and ease. Weaving in the creative arts will keep pupils interested and engaged in the learning - this organic, learning environment gives pupils the pleasure of creativity. The open-ended questions opens pupils up to a world of imaginative thinking, allowing them to come up with creative responses.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety: 

Mainstream schools are becoming increasingly stressful, with standardised testing being a feature at primary school level and throughout the educational journey. 
Alternatively, our classroom community is set aside for creativity woven between strenuous examination study times in the mainstream school setting, in order to reduce stress. The fun activities relaxes pupils, thereby reducing anxiety, enabling them to prepare for and excel in their exams. Adopting a pupil centred approach, allowing room for visualisation and reflection also reduces pupils' stress. 

Boosts Problem Solving Skills:

Our creative and collaborative classroom communities develop pupils' problem-solving skills. Creativity can alter the way pupils approach a problem. After experiencing our creative learning environment sessions, pupils  become impressively, optimistic. Creative problem-solving is encouraged by empowering pupils to think out of the box and be more imaginative and innovative - the problems (or opportunities) are redefined by the pupils, hence the solutions or responses become more innovative.

Better Communicators: 

Our collaborative classroom community promotes creativity and opens pupils up to a whole new world of communication! Pupils conduct better conversation, stimulating innovative thinking/talking sessions in their free time - this also triggers collaborative problem-solving and shared learning; giving pupils a sense of community. Classroom discussion and reflection helps pupils to think creatively as well as understand and welcome others’ views. This kind of shared creative learning experience encourages pupils to open up to one another in order to develop as better communicators.



Working out their passions in addition to excelling in academics is important for pupils to become successful in life. Our creative and collaborative classroom communities give space for pupils to explore their passions; whether it is music, dance, poetry, drawing or other art forms - this provides pupils with a sense of happiness, which enables them to approach academics with a free mind.

Future Opportunities:

Our creative and collaborative visual aides encourage pupils to visualise their goals and timelines with their minds eye; inspiring them to 'see' their potential and future goals. We provide a platform for pupils to envisage how successful they can become as they develop academically as well as chronologically. The skills and the confidence gained throughout their school days impact the way pupils advance in their future careers. In fact, creative persons have the upper hand in triggering future opportunities over those with a mere academic skill set. 

Innovative Mindset: 

 Our framework provides a space for open-ended questions and classroom community discussions, which are two popular creative learning strategies that support pupils to develop an innovative mindset. Pupils have opportunities to think more critically about the question or subject and come up with innovative ideas. This 'pupil friendly' classroom reflection also aids pupils to think decisively about others’ ideas and contributions, while thinking critically to produce something innovative. Our stimulating classroom setting is colourful and vibrant rather than black and white, encouraging pupils and teachers to engage in some fun and humour between lessons.

Drive Lifelong Learning: 

We empower pupils to develop a creative mindset as well as a desire to learn new things. Our creative and collaborative classroom communities provide the scaffolding to build curious mindsets because a curious mind is ever learning.

Classroom Communities: 

When pupils work in collaboration towards a common goal, learning becomes an activity valued by peers.
In addition, pupils are motivated to help one another learn; translating the teacher's language into "student language.”
Pupils, who are able to explain tasks to one another, are effectively, strengthening their own learning as they are required to organise their thoughts in order to explain them to classroom, community members; they must engage in thinking that builds on other ideas (cognitive elaboration), which greatly enhances their own understanding.
Classroom community members can also provide individual attention and assistance to one another.
Moreover, regular and constructive collaborative, classroom community groups supports pupils in mastery of material, exam preparation as well as better performance in examinations.

Creativity and community

in Maths and English

underpins our service


  • Make learning fun and meaningful.

  • Use creative arts-based activities to enliven math and English.

  • Raise Math and English attainment levels with transferable skills for other subjects in order to achieve full potential.

  • Inclusive learning environment - engaging a wide range of learning styles.

  • Improve learning retention.

  • Reduce exclusions in mainstream school.

  • Build safe, creative learning classroom communities.

  • Increase children's confidence, motivation, and leadership.

  • Reduce anxiety or anger management in children. 

  • Build strong, cohesive groups.

  • Boost inner motivation and confidence.

  • Develop key life skills.

  • Bring out the quiet voices.

  • Minimise resistance and disruptive behaviour.

  • Engage every student.

  • Minimise classroom disruptions.

  • Increase trust between administrators, teachers, and students.

  • Develop a culturally responsive classrooms, and much more!



Phase 1 Building a Learning Community 

Aims and objectives 
Community agreements 
Creative and collaborative exercises 

Big ideas 
Multiple intelligence 
We are all Geniuses 

Phase 2 Creative Math and English 

Circle time - creative activity 15 mins
Creative math activity 40 mins 
Circle time - reflection 15 mins 

Circle time - creative activity 15 mins 
Creative English activity 40 mins 
Circle time - reflection and ubuntu affirmation 15 mins 

*Please note we specialise in primary to secondary transition, but we are not exclusive to this target group.

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